22 Jun, 2024
5 mins read

Machine Learning Algorithms in C

Explore the implementation of machine learning algorithms like decision trees, k-means clustering, and neural networks in C programming for efficient data analysis. Machine learning algorithms play a crucial role in extracting insights and patterns from data. In this example, we’ll explore the implementation of three fundamental machine learning algorithms: Decision Trees, K-Means Clustering, and Neural […]

3 mins read

Graph Algorithms and C Programming

Examine graph theory algorithms, such as Dijkstra’s algorithm, Floyd-Warshall algorithm, and topological sorting, implemented in C programming for solving complex problems. Graph algorithms are essential tools for solving a wide range of complex problems, from finding the shortest path in a transportation network to determining the order of tasks in a project. In this example, […]

9 mins read

Cryptographic Algorithms and Techniques in C

Study cryptographic algorithms and techniques implemented in C for data encryption, decryption, digital signatures, and secure communication. Cryptographic Algorithms and Techniques: Cryptographic algorithms and techniques are fundamental tools used to secure information and ensure its confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity. They involve mathematical processes to transform data in a way that only authorized parties can access […]