14 Jun, 2024
19 mins read

60 Python Programs for Beginners to Advanced

A Collection of 60 Python Programs for Practice and Learning 1. Hello World Program Explanation: Output: This program is the simplest Python program and serves as an introduction to Python syntax. 2. Calculator (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division) Explanation: Output: This program takes two numbers as input, performs basic arithmetic operations, and displays the results. 3. […]

21 mins read

Python Interview Prep: 100 Questions and Answers

Python Interview Prep: 100 Questions and Answers Python Basics: Variables and Data Types: Control Flow: Functions: Lists and Dictionaries: Strings and Text Processing: Exception Handling: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): Modules and Packages: File Handling: Generators and Iterators: Decorators: Concurrency and Threading: Regular Expressions: Web Development with Python: Database Access: Data Serialization: Testing and Debugging: Python Ecosystem: […]